Eastern & Western Bushland

The Eastern and Western Bushland sections of Malabar Headland are the two areas of the headland that will constitute the Malabar Headland National Park. Both areas have been formally handed over to NSW, and will soon be open to the public.

Between these two areas lies a third area, the land currently configured for use as a rifle range. Our vision is that this section be remediated and become a community park.

The location of the three areas and their major features are illustrated in this map:

Malabar Headland - proposed land use

Malabar Headland – proposed land use; note: National Park boundaries, parkland names and routes of coastal walkway and some other features are prospective and not definitive

This map is also available as a PDF.


The Western and Eastern bushland are home to an outstanding variety of the native vegetation that was endemic to the New South Wales coast in the Sydney region.

Juncus kraussii beside a rockpool Western bushland

Juncus kraussii beside a rockpool Western bushland © Peter Fagan


More information is available under the individual Eastern Bushland and Western Bushland tabs at the top of this page.

FoMH has prepared lists of: