Membership – Contacts


Friends of Malabar Headland welcomes new members who are committed to achieving positive conservation and community outcomes for the headland.

New members may even consider joining one of our regular Thursday and Sunday bushcare groups. There is no better or safer way to explore and discover the wonders of Malabar Headland. You will also enjoy the camaraderie of the bushcare groups and benefit from the exercise and fresh air.

Sign indicating Friends of Malabar Headland bushcare group at work

Sign indicating Friends of Malabar Headland bushcare group at work

For membership details and to join, view our membership application form.

Contact FoMH – Mail

Friends of Malabar Headland (FoMH)
PO Box 6023
Malabar NSW 2036

Contact FoMH

David Pyett – Chair – Phone: 9344 8589 or email: dpyett at bigpond dot net dot au

7 thoughts on “Membership – Contacts”

  1. Maria Stathis said:


    Just a query…do you have to be a member to join the bushland regeneration group? I think both are brilliant ideas but just wondered.



    • Hi Maria

      You could come along to one of our bushcare group sessions Thursday or Sunday mornings. If you enjoyed it and wanted to get further involved you could then consider joining.

      There are also lots of other bushcare groups in Randwick City area – see the council website’s Bushcare volunteers page.

      Peter Fagan
      for Friends of Malabar Headland

  2. Lisa Darveniza said:

    I saw the article about the headland in the Southern Courier. I am a local resident. Last I heard they were extending the coastal walk all the way to La Perouse. Has that changed? I am looking for some info on this please.
    Thank you for the conservation work you and your group do.

    Warm regards,

    Lisa Darveniza

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for your comment and recognition of the great work that our bush regenerators do.
      I think that everything to do with the headland is up in the air at the moment. 17 Hectares (the Western Bush) has been handed over to NSW to become the Malabar Headland National Park. The remaining 90% may be at risk, including the coastal walk. Regards.

  3. Great to see things happening with the headland. But, of course, it is closed 5 weekends every month for the rifle range! When will they get that sorted out, I wonder? With Randwick golf course denying access to walkers passing through, that’s a huge part of our beautiful coastline closed to the public.

  4. tbearted said:

    It is a pity that 5 of the 8 weekend days each month the headland is closed due to the rifle range. And closed every Sunday. I do wonder what legal authority the range actually has to stop people walking on land that is not part of the range.

    I also wonder why, if it safe enough to allow fishermen to go out on the headland when the range is in use, walkers are stopped from accessing the head land.

    Combined with the silly attitude of Randwick Golf Course, with their signs prohibiting public walking through the golf course, this is a very long stretch of beautiful coast line that is either off limits to the public.

  5. I’m sick of the shooters. I don’t like shooters and shooting especially at Malabar Headland. They got to go or consider the general public wanting to use public land for recreation!! I published an article on my web site

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