Congratulations to our members for their efforts in securing grants to hasten the removal of weeds that are invading the critically endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub. Although our group has been very successful at weed control throughout the years, this will enable us to really blitz crucial areas.

The three successful projects are, in summary, to:

1. Rid the western section near Pioneer Park of a serious infestation of the listed weed Morning Glory and other weeds including turkey rhubarb
2. Remove an extensive invasive section of buffalo grass and other weeds along the southern fire management trail which will also encourage birdlife
3. Weed the narrow north end of MHNP (west) bordered by Commonwealth land which is infested with weeds which are invading the national park.

We thank the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science for their support.