On 9 May 2012, Peter Garrett, MHR for Kingsford Smith, introduced into the House of Representatives the Malabar Headland Protection Bill 2012. When passed, this legislation will ensure the protection in perpetuity of Malabar Headland as National Park and public open space.

The bill is explained in detail and background information is provided in the Malabar Headland Protection Bill 2012 Explanatory Memorandum.

Peter Garrett’s Second Reading speech to the House of Representatives – Hansard extract and video (YouTube).

Peter issued a media release and the speech was reported in the Southern Courier.

Friends of Malabar Headland welcomes the introduction of this legislation which honours a commitment Peter Garrett made earlier this year, and will in his words:

” …  guarantee that the site is preserved and maintained for the benefit of future generations of Australians. It will prevent the site, or parts of the site, from being resold in the future to a third party for development rather than for use as a national park and public space.”

In his speech, Peter Garrett paid tribute to the efforts of the local community and the Friends of Malabar Headland:

“For decades the local community has campaigned to protect Malabar Headland. I want to place on record this government’s appreciation of their efforts — in particular, the Friends of Malabar Headland, including Peter Ryan, Alan Hall and many others who have worked tirelessly to rehabilitate the bushland. Their vision of a national park on Malabar Headland is now being realised.”