Landscape Architect Noel Corkery has prepared a concept plan for a community parkland on Lot 101 of Malabar Headland (currently the Rifle Range).

Noel prepared the plan as an entry in Architecture for Humanity’s 2011 Open Architecture Challenge – [un]restricted access – an international design competition that invited landscape architects, planners, designers, construction engineers and architects to re-envision the future of decommissioned military space.

The objective was “to identify retired military installations in the entrants’ own backyards, to collaborate with local stakeholders, and to reclaim these spaces for social, economic, and environmental good.”

For the competition web site, click here.

Noel became aware of the headland while his company Corkery Consulting was designing the redevelopment of the Loop at La Perouse for Randwick City Council.

Noel was given an introductory tour of the headland by Friends of Malabar Headland Chairperson Peter Fagan some months ago, and in September, delivered to FoMH members a presentation of his concept plan as entered in the competition.

Friends of Malabar Headland does not endorse all aspects of Noel’s plan. However we think it an inspiring vision of many of the opportunities and benefits the Headland has the potential to deliver to the local community and indeed to all of Sydney.

To view Noel’s plan, open or download this PDF file (note this is a large file – 8 MB).