Friends of Malabar Headland has issued a media release welcoming the commencement of significant remediation works at Malabar Headland.

The release follows. For a PDF version, click here.

Media Release

Friends of Malabar Headland welcomes remediation of Malabar Headland landfill and contaminants

Friends of Malabar Headland (FoMH, “the Friends”) has welcomed the commencement of significant remediation works by the Commonwealth at the boundary of the Malabar Headland landfill site and South Maroubra Beach.

Peter Fagan Chairperson, Friends of Malabar Headland said:

“The negativity surrounding local member Peter Garrett and the changes taking place at Malabar Headland is hard to understand.

We are extremely pleased that Peter Garrett has persuaded the Commonwealth to spend millions to clean the site up so it will be safe to use as public open space and will no longer be a source of contamination for South Maroubra beach and its children’s rock pools.

The Commonwealth has already gifted the Western Bushland section of the headland to New South Wales as a National Park.

And we understand discussions are in progress with the NSW Government to enable the magnificent bushland and coastal scenery of the Eastern section of the headland to also become a National Park.”

FoMH believes the Commonwealth’s commitment of resources to the Headland − $2m for 2012/13 and $6m for 2013/14, and a dedicated project team led by a senior civil servant − is long overdue, and what is needed to get the job done properly.

Peter Fagan said:

“Serious contamination seeping out of the landfill on the headland is an issue FoMH has been concerned about since our inception over 12 years ago.

We are delighted that the Commonwealth is at last investing the resources required to achieve a long term solution.”

The Friends would like to see all candidates for the Federal election commit their support to the Commonwealth’s multi-year program of civil works and accept that the cessation of all recreational activities on the site is necessary until the works are complete.

Regarding horse riding on the headland, FoMH urges all candidates to support the efforts being made to establish the South East Equestrian Association (SEEA) on an interim site at Franklin Street Matraville.

Peter Fagan said:

“We urge all parties to help with funding, materials and labour to get the SEEA up and running at Franklin Street while the remediation works are in progress.”

Further resources:

Friends of Malabar Headland member Claire Bettington has prepared diagrams that illustrate how the Commonwealth’s program of works will address the contamination and hygiene problems. For more information and to view Claire’s diagrams, click here.